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Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 5781, the NASA Authorization Act of 2010.

H.R. 5781 puts this country back on track to remain the world’s leader in human space flight. It provides for a continued strong, robust human space program at NASA and reverses the proposed outsourcing of that program. And it provides loan guarantees for commercial crew launch companies that provide them funds guaranteed by NASA that they must pay back.

Support a strong human space flight program. Support H.R. 5781.

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H.R. 5781 (Many thanks to Marcia Smith at for the link)

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  1. Dear Administrator Bolden:

    Your agency-wide message to all NASA employees on Wednesday, July 28 appeared, in part, to be a response to the first “Open Letter” sent to you on Tuesday, July 27, calling for you to remove your Deputy, Lori Garver.

    Rather than “celebrating your first anniversary at NASA with Lori”, you should be moving swiftly to replace her with someone who can help you implement the plan Congress is in the process of providing you.

    Yes, the NASA family, Government and Contractor alike, have achieved many successes this past year, but this is in spite of Ms. Garver, not because of her. The NASA family is hurting because of the ill-conceived plan developed by Ms. Garver, Jim Kohlenberger of OSTP, Paul Shawcross of OMB, and Beth Robinson, NASA’s CFO. Congress knows it, you know it, and it’s time to act.

    To simply restate the main message of the first “Open Letter” to you, it’s time to reset relations with Congress and the best way to do this is a clean sweep of Ms. Garver and company and replace them with competent managers who will not embarrass you, the President, or Congress.


    Concerned for NASA

    Congressional Space Leadership
    President Obama
    All NASA Center Directors
    OMB Director
    OSTP Director

Begging For Dollars

The Aerospace Machinists Support H.R. 5781