AmericaSpace Exclusive: Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Interview


Video courtesy of AmericaSpace

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – AmericaSpace was deeply honored to have Apollo astronaut Thomas P. Stafford sit down with us and discuss what made him want to become an astronaut, what his experiences were like in the early days of the Space Age and what his hopes were for the future. 

Stafford flew into space three times on Gemini IX, Apollo X and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. It is this period that AmericaSpace talked to Stafford about. Stafford sat down with AmericaSpace at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in front of the Gemini IX capsule that he and Eugene Cernan flew in during their historic mission.

This interview would not have been possible without the assistance of Delaware North Companies who generously made their facilities available to AmericaSpace to conduct this interview. We would also like to thank Gen. Thomas P. Stafford for taking the time to speak with us and Jeffrey J. Soulliere for arranging this interview.

Elements of this interview were made using NASA videos.

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2 comments to AmericaSpace Exclusive: Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Interview

  • JohnDB

    Gen. Stafford is a true space pioneer and class act. Too bad that his place in the Apollo crew rotation barely kept him from landing on the moon.

    Thanks for the interesting content, AmericaSpace!

  • Tom Vasiloff

    General Stafford is a true American hero and class act. On this day, we remember Neil Armstrong and all of the Apollo astronauts who demonstrated the best in America.